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Difference coincides with the circuit breaker Difference coincides with the circuit breaker

Electrical equipment insulation occurred in the local area sufficiently strong electric field discharge. This discharge to cause only partial shorting between conductors insulated without forming a conductive channel is limited. Each partial discharge of the dielectric will have some impact, minor PD little effect on electrical equipment insulation, dielectric strength slowly decline; and strong partial discharge, then make dielectric strength deteriorates rapidly. This is to make high voltage electrical equipment insulation damage is an important factor. Therefore, the design of high voltage electrical equipment insulation, consider the long-term effect on the operating voltage, the occurrence of relatively strong insulation structure does not allow partial discharge. Of operating equipment to strengthen the monitoring, when the partial discharge exceeds a certain level, the device should be out of operation for maintenance or replacement.
Partial discharge occurs when the insulation will affect insulation life. Each discharge, high-energy electrons or accelerated electrons impact, especially long-term effect will lead to partial discharge forms of physical effects and chemical reactions, such as when the bubble of charged particles hit the outer wall, it is possible to break chemical bonds insulation cracking occurs, destruction of the molecular structure of the insulation, causing insulation deterioration, accelerate the process of insulation damage.
Partial discharge characteristics:
Partial discharge is a localized overheating, electrical and mechanical components of aging omen;Partial discharge PD with the rising trend is exponential time;When the partial discharge in the insulation construction, will be accompanied by generating electrical pulses, ultrasound, electromagnetic radiation, light, chemical reactions, and cause local or heat;Due to the presence of partial discharge of the above characteristics, so how to avoid partial discharge electrical equipment, how to remove partial discharge, so that the device becomes the normal safe operation of electrical equipment maintenance thing most people consider. In order to remove this latent symptoms, some of the electrical pulse, ultrasonic, electromagnetic radiation and other signals present for partial discharge generated along derived a lot of online testing method for partial discharge phenomenon.