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Beijing Orient Vacuum Electric Co.,Ltd. (BOV), established in 1998 specializing in manufacturing vacuum interrupter, vacuum circuit-breaker and switchgear, has been jointly contributed by BOE Technology Group,Ltd. and Beijing Energy Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Based on the advantages of the Beijing Electron Tube Factory (established in 1956) in vacuum electric technology, BOV has adopted top-ranking methods from professional companies abroad and designed a whole set of distinctive technical program which has been proved by mass production for more than ten years.
BOV is the one manufacturer in China that can master three key techniques all by itself, including design and production of the contact, ceramic metallization, and whole-tube sealing. The quality of BOV products is effectively controlled in all processes. BOV's unique products have gained increasing recognition, especially in embedded pole and capacitive load switch. The technological advantages of BOV products have been largely developed and employed.
At present, BOV's product range covers from 10KV to 126KV with rated current below 6300A and short - circuit breaking current below 63KA. BOV has become the most preferred supplier for many well-known manufacturers in China and player a leading role in such new markets as 24KV, wind power plants, high speed railway and so on.