Unique R contact terminal design with international patent

a. Form high strength axial magnetic field, and strong capability for breaking current as well as high reliability.
b. Integrated contact terminal, no slot on the surface of contact to the lead the arc, perfect surface geometrical shape, high electrical strength, outstanding mechanical strength and no deformation when we open or close the switch.
c. Little resistance in circuit Ir=1250A,R=9±1uΩ;Ir=3150A R=7±1uΩ.
d. Meet the user' s requirements of 100% full capacity breaking at the first time and rated electric parameters.
e. symmetrical electrical field, low chopping current, high reliability of breaking capacitor and inductance.

Stainless steel directly braze welding

a. Special stainless steel braze welding in which it is not necessary for stainless steel to be plated with Nickel therefore the quality of welding is high and steady as well reliable, meanwhile, the rate of leaking air is low.
b. Special stainless steel features in strong capability to resist the salt mist, which can be applied in wide areas.
c. Stainless steel is characterized by high tensile resistance, tactility and impact resistance.

First-class Metallization technical

a. Special ceramic metallization format and advanced ceramic metallization technical guarantees the air tightness of products and high intensity of tension,that is, the minimum intensity of tension reaches 130Mpa.
b. Import the advanced metallization equipment to ensure the conformity and rate of finished products of ceramic metallization technical.
c. Improved inspection methods of ceramic and metallization strength ensures the metallization quality of ceramic shell being stable and reliable in the of integrated tube.

Complete once-for-all sealing technology

a. The technology eliminates necessity for component welding, reduces the work of man power, therefore the simple technical ensure the stability of products quality accordingly.
b. The imported advanced vacuum sealing furnace is controlled by computer with no manned operation, which guarantees stable and reliable manufacturing.
c. Complete once-for-all sealing technical possesses short circuit and high efficiency for assembly suitable to large-Cscale production.


About BOV

Beijing Orient Vacuum Electric Co.,Ltd. (BOV), established in 1998 specializing in manufacturing vacuum interrupter, vacuum circuit-breaker and switchgear, has been jointly contributed by BOE Technology Group,Ltd. and Beijing Energy Investment Holding Co., Ltd....

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