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Difference coincides with the circuit breaker

1, the role of the different: the role of coincidence with other high-voltage electrical mating, through its circuit breaking, the sequence of operations overlap, reset and lockout, identify the fault location, so that the least restrictive blackout area, but only by breaking short-circuit breaker fault, large regional power lines.
2 different structures: the structure of the vacuum recloser interrupter, actuator, control system components, circuit breakers are generally only by the vacuum interrupter and operating mechanism. Advanced recloser operating mechanism is a permanent mechanism, the operating mechanism of the circuit breaker is typically a spring mechanism. Compared with the spring mechanism the permanent mechanism, the number of parts is much less, maintenance-free, high reliability.
3, the control of different ways: from a recloser control equipment, testing, control, self-contained actuator, and the circuit breaker and its control systems are designed to be considered separately.
4, breaking different characteristics: the breaking coincide with inverse time characteristics and sexual double. The usual speed off the circuit breaker and overcurrent protection.
5, different sequence of operations: operating frequency coincidence "four triple", according to the point of use before and after the switching device with different "two fast two slow", "a fast three slow" and, Rated operating sequence is: -0.1 points S- combined sub -1S- combined points -1S- combined points, a handy feature of adjustment; the sequence of operation of the circuit breaker from the standard uniform provisions: min -0.3s- combined points -180s- combined points, the order of operations is not adjustable, and the front and rear switch equipment can not fit.