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The Grid development generates the demands of 126kV vacuum interrupter

With the development of grid technology, high-voltage substations are welcomed for its large transmission radius and being able to decrease the number of substations. Meanwhile, as SF6 gas applied in traditional SF6 high-voltage switch has bad impact on environment, it is specified that SF6 should be limited as much as possible by the end of 2020 in Kyoto Protocol. Therefore, the demands of vacuum interrupters rating 126kV and above are becoming obvious.

126kV vacuum interrupter, is firstly developed by Baoguang. It is equipped with circuit breaker which passed the full-set type tests including mechanical life, temperature-rise, insulation, breaking and line-charging current making in 2010. Later, our company endeavors to improve the production capacity, and successfully completed some production orders. In August 2014, the company completed a new order again , whose production cycle and finished products rate ranked the top of its history.

It is believed that the demands of 126kV vacuum interrupter will increase obviously in the market with the gradual expanding of the vacuum interrupter applied in the high-voltage grid.